What people say about Gabe…

“Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge, and genuine spirit to help our son and our family.”

— T. O.

“I appreciate all you did to help my family. Thank you also for all of your insight and wisdom — you truly were a blessing in all of this. Fondly,”

— M. E.

“Thank you for playing an integral role in changing my family’s life. My Dad is doing so well… Thank you for helping us all along the way… My life, my father’s life, our whole family’s lives will forever be better because of the help you give people.”

— B.H.

“I am so very proud of our family. No matter what happens it was just another example of the fact that the common bond can help us overcome so many obstacles. Gabe, thanks again for your guidance, wisdom, and compassion. I don’t know if we can ever express our appreciation for getting this chance to start anew.”

— B.L.

“Thank you again for all you did for me, my family and especially my brother… You do such important work. I can’t thank you enough.”

— E.D.

“My brother has said “thank you” to all of us for “getting me back on the right track”. And thank you, Gabe, for all you have done for us.”

— C. S.

“Thanks again for all of your help, Gabe. I will never forget you and the time that you invested in my family. Please know that I respect you and am grateful for everything. Fondly,”

— K.S.

“Just want to once again thank you for your involvement five years ago in the intervention that helped to turn around all our lives.”

— J.S.