Why use an interventionist?

A qualified and experienced interventionist can help a family to avoid mistakes that can derail the possibility of change for months or years.

What do I do in an intervention process? First, I assess the condition and then explore whether the timing is right for an intervention. If it is, I advise on selection of team members, then help participants to understand the condition through meetings or phone consultations, and help them prepare careful letters to the troubled person; these are a crucial aspect of the intervention, not only by preventing debate, but also by affirming the person and detailing why it’s urgently necessary to get help.

I advise on the best treatment facility for the subject’s condition, and facilitate admission. I conduct the rehearsal(s) that are crucial to building up a family’s confidence in their undertaking, so that they don’t enter upon it with crippling anxiety and fear.

Finally, I facilitate the intervention, manage the admission into a treatment program, assist in coordinating the treatment plan, and cooperate in arranging for follow-up aftercare. Finally, I meet with the family for post-intervention debriefing and planning for future changes in family organization.